Got Steven Tyler?



Joe Perry *o*


Aerosmith doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Aerosmith #ALSIceBucketChallenge.

Twitter πŸ’“


Dangit Forget it. I know I keep getting rid of my twitter but im really Going to try again. I just have so many social apps it’s tiring keeping up with them

He always looks gorgeous, girl :)

Can I get an amen because that als ice bucket challenge was amazing

Watch "Aerosmith ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in Houston, TX…" on YouTube   

Aerosmith ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in Houston, TX…:

No girl..I got a crap load of new teachers this year and basically almost all of them are like jerks and I totally miss my dad figure teacher. But Idk I hoping they’ll let up some in a few weeks but now I basically have a freaking bathroom pass that I have to sign in and out to even freaking pee and I only get 3 minutes. What the heck. How am I even supposed to do that. It’s. Total bull. And it pisses me off


Imagine you favorite band member accidentally running into you on the street because they were too busy texting

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